Sunday, October 24, 2010

Another uneventful outing..

With another week of work in the books and not many days to take off, I am mainly restricted to hunting on Saturdays, also due to West Virginia laws prohibiting hunting on Sundays. The day started out the same slow way that the previous Saturday had started, but this time I didn't see any bucks. The first deer is saw were a group of does behind me on the hillside above Jay's tree stand, he said they didn't even make it close enough for him to see. Although he didn't see the does, he did have a spike walk in close, but considering he was already tagged out on bucks with a bow for the season (his hot streak continued into the early part of this past week), he passed on this buck to let him grow another year. That was it for the morning sightings. The afternoon started off quickly, but then died down soon after spotting a doe and yearling cutting across the log landing I had saw the bucks in on the previous Saturday. A very slow down, with few sightings and none in range, but it was still a beautiful day to be in the woods for sure. I'm going to leave you with a picture of the buck that Jay got on Monday of this past week. He harvested it from the blind I showed everyone earlier in the post "Apples Part II & A Walk in the Woods". This deer scored roughly 115", and is currently Jay's largest whitetail taken, replacing "1&1" taken only a two days previously.

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