Sunday, September 26, 2010

Apples Part II & A Walk in the Woods

View overlooking part of the property before
we ended the woods on the deer trail.
As you read earlier this month about the tradition of our trip to Romney to get deer apples. I now introduce you to Apples Part II. The trip was a smooth ride and good conversations, this time it was only Jay and I that went up, so most of the conversation revolved around my grandfather's property we hunt on and our plans of what we want to do to it in the next few years. I did remember to bring my camera with me, when I left my house that was. I kind of, sorta, maybe forgot it in my Jeep once I got to Jay's. Sorry, no pictures again, but there's always next year, haha. As far as the load of apples we got was a nice, firm load, so hopefully they'll last at least till Rifle Season in November, we'll have to see. You do know, the old saying "one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch" is true, so hopefully I got all of the bad apple out of my bags.

A POV from where the Trail Cam is set.
Some buck rubs we found.
Once we got back, it was still early enough in the day that Jay wanted a new hunting location he got access to this year as well as check his trail cam he had set up in the area. So of course, I obliged and we loaded back into his truck and headed out after the apples were bagged. Yes, I did remember to grab my camera for this part of the trip. This tract of land is only a matter of minutes from his house; it's actually a hunting club on a Christmas tree farm that his father, brother, and he are a part of. The spot we went to is tucked back in one of the corners of the property. A well used deer trail cutting off the field edge lead back to his trail camera, a little further than that was a slight opening. Standing in that opening I could see a handful of nice rubs where the deer had been trying to shed their velvet and sharpen up their antlers for the next month or so of sparing. Once we got to the location of his trail camera we pulled the card and switched it out, nothing like the excitement of seeing what is on the card from the previous week or so. Luckily, as we browsed through the pictures there were some nice bucks coming on a regular pattern. Hopefully this will allow for Jay, or at the very least someone in his family to get a shot at one of theses bucks coming in. In all the excitement of looking at the pictures I didn't even bother looking to see where he had hung his stand or put up a blind. I stepped back and started looking for the stand/blind, it took me a minute, but I found it, no help to a tree that was blocking my view of it momentarily. He did a great job of bushing it in and keeping it close to the location, but not scaring the deer off with a new structure in the area. After wandering around the woods for a little while longer snapping pictures and looking at more rubs, we decided it was time to call it a day a head back home. These are the days that breeze by way to fast and make you feel like you didn't do much of anything, but we still accomplished a lot today; including much needed scouting on a new blind location for Jay.

Can you find the blind?

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